Diabetic Foot Training Project

ZIZ News….June 12, 2013– Two local nurses are in Tobago this week to take part in a training course focusing on diabetes and foot care.

Eulynis Brown and Paula Francis are attending the train-the-foot-trainer course at The Rex Turtle Beach Hotel.

It runs from the 12th to the 15th of June.

We caught up with Nurse Browne at the airport who told us the goal is to reduce the number of amputations resulting from diabetes complications

This is part of a series of activities organized by The Rotary Club of Liamuiga.

Club P.R.O Dr Marcus Natta spoke about why they took up this cause.

In March the club hosted a team of foot care specialists from The International Diabetic Federation who met with doctors, nurses and community health care workers to discuss techniques for treating problems associated with diabetic side effects.

The goal of this week’s course is to give the participants the knowledge and skills so that they can return home and train other health care professionals.

It’s called “Implementing The Step By Step Foot Project”

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