Dieppe Bay Primary School hosts Blast from Past Fun Day

(ZIZ NEWS) The Dieppe Bay primary school wrapped up its week of activities with a fun day on Friday February 8 2019.

Hop Scotch, Box Ladder commonly known as Ball Ladder, Skipping, Mississippi, the Hokey Pokey, Cricket and Marble Pitching were just a few of the many games that the students of the Dieppe Bay primary school played as part of their “Games From Yesteryear” fun day.

Giving a glimpse of the past, a well-known resident of Dieppe Bay was asked to attend the fun day to demonstrate the water carrying technique similar to the way water was carried to homes for cooking, washing, bathing and other household use in the past.

Both students and teachers were then asked to display what they had learned to test their water carrying skills.

Teacher at the Dieppe Bay primary school, Sandra Joseph said she enjoyed the fun day because it helped to bring back memories from her childhood.

Sixth grade student Danika Daley and grade 3 student Brian Collins told us about their favourite games from the yesteryear fun day while, 10 year old Glenya Leader, a fifth grade student at the Dieppe Bay primary school said she knew many of the games except for one.

The students and teachers were also give the opportunity to learn more about their past through music and competition.

ZIZ was even given the opportunity to participate in the game “Brown Girl In The Ring”.

The blast from the past week of activities were held under the theme, “Appreciating Our Past, Embracing The Present, Empowering Ourselves For The Future”.

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