Dieppe Bay Primary School Hosts Parents In Charge Day

(ZIZ News) — The Dieppe Bay Primary School hosted its “Parents in Charge for a Day” event on Monday to help improve parent – teacher relationships.

“Together We Will Make a Difference” was the theme for the event.

It forms part of the school’s Parent Teachers’ Association Week of Activities.

Ziz spoke with the principal of the Dieppe Bay Primary School, Jacqueline Douglas who mentioned that the idea is to have parents switch with teachers for a day to give them in-depth look at the joys and challenges teachers face on a day to day basis.

She said “this initiative came about as a result of some of the challenges that we have sometimes because we realize that a lot of times parents don’t realize the difficulty that we experience as teachers having students from so many different homes, coming together in any one place and so we have given some of our parents the opportunity to be in the class setting as teachers and principal to get a feel of what a regular working day is like for the teachers.”

Elsa Warner, a parent who volunteered said she felt the parent teacher swap was something different and that the experience was well worth it.

“I was chosen to be on grade 3 and I had a good experience. I enjoyed the children, the children enjoyed me also and I really see the trouble that the teachers would have to go through at times with the children and so I am encouraging other parents that when this opportunity comes up again that they should take part and see the experiences that they have here,” she said.

Another parent, Errol Richards praised the teachers for their dedication and commitment.

“I highly, highly commend the teachers at the Dieppe Bay Primary School for the excellent job that they are doing on an everyday, 8 hour period, day in day out and its challenging but I think they enjoyed all of the work that they do and so I commend them highly,” he said.

The school hopes to expand the relationship between parents and teachers in efforts to heighten student development.

Parents and teachers also look forward to improving productivity in the school, to build a stronger community.

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