Dieppe Bay Resident Gets Much Needed Assistance From National Intervention Team

Basseterre, St. Kitts, August 12, 2020 (RSCNPF): A Dieppe Bay resident was the recipient of a much-needed care package from the National Intervention Team (NIT).


The team delivered groceries and other supplies to Vincent Warner Monday morning (August 10), who had expressed his needs during a previous visit. Mr. Warner is the proud father of a little girl and lives with his partner. However, he has been unable to walk since a bicycle accident in 2017. Formerly a mason, Mr. Warner disclosed that he requires surgery to address the damage done to his spine. He lauded the NIT for keeping their promise of delivering the supplies to his family.


“I thank the Police for what they do because, for me, it is kind of rough because I am not working…I appreciate what happened today and I am thankful and I hope I will see them again some time, because this is the best thing that has happened to me in a long while. They are doing a very good job,” he said.

Constable Aidan Hendrickson, a member of the team, said that since the start of this care package initiative, they have visited communities around the island including Tabernacle, New Road, Newtown, Mc Knight and Molineux. He added that they have been received by the residents.


“Most of the responses were very positive and persons were appreciative of the packages. Due to the ongoing pandemic, many persons have lost their jobs. They were also surprised that the Police were taking on this initiative because most of the time you don’t really see the Police getting involved in giving back in terms of goods and stuff like that, but it was well received by the public. I would be eager to do something like this again…,” stated the Constable.

Starting in April during the COVID-19 lock down, the NIT began distributing care packages to persons in need. The team pledged to deliver at least one care package monthly to different families and has been able to keep this mandate. The items are purchased with funds from the officers on the team.

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