Digi-Double Promotion rewards 500 customers every week

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS (January 30, 2013) -The year 2013 promises to be a rewarding one for Digicel customers in St. Kitts and Nevis. So far in the month of January, Digicel has launched two exciting promotions that have been well-received by its customers.

The Digi-Double Promotion which was launched on Tuesday 22nd January will reward over 1,500 Digicel prepaid customers with FREE double credit every month. The first 100 customers who top up their handsets with $10.00 or more Monday to Friday receive FREE double credit. Double credit will be added to customers’ accounts by 12 noon on the same top-up day and can be used to call or text anyone at any time. To find out more about the Digi Double Promotion, persons are encouraged to visit Digicel’s website at http://www.digicelstkittsandnevis.com/en/about/promotions/digi-double.

One of Digicel’s most-loved promotions, Talk & Win Cash, is back once again! Every Friday Digicel customers, both prepaid and postpaid, will be winning $2,000. Customers who speak on any call for 3 minutes or more during the week or postpaid customers who pay their bill in full & on time can be 1 in 4 to win $500 in Digicel’s Talk & Win Cash. Winners in this promotion are contacted with the good news every Friday between 2:30pm and 3:00pm during Digicel’s Entertainment Buzz on Freedom FM 106.5, with host Juni Liburd. Since the inception of this promotion in 2011, hundreds of Digicel customers have been rewarded. Visit Digicel St. Kitts & Nevis’ website for more information http://www.digicelstkittsandnevis.com/en/about/promotions/talk-win-cash-is-back.

“Digicel continues to listen to its customers and tailors promotions to meet their needs. The Digi-Double Promotion and Talk & Win Cash will ensure that our customers get the most from their pennies in times like these,” opined Sean Latty, Country Manager. “Customers are able to top up their handsets and receive more value for their money with our Digi Double Promotion and our Talk & Win Cash Promotion will assist our customers in meeting their day-to-day basic needs.”

Though the year is still young, Digicel is making sure that their customers are already receiving value for the money from their engaging promotions. In the upcoming months, customers can expect upgraded service with the launch of Digicel’s island wide 4G Network in both St. Kitts and Nevis. Digicel 4G will ensure that customers with compatible data handsets are able to browse the internet and download data at much greater speeds than what the current EDGE network is able to provide.

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