‘Digicel customers catch to win prizes at Cricket test match’

The Participants (LR – Lejon Warner, Lesroy Gumbs, Joseph Hutchinson, Casey Sargeant) pose with the DigiGirls

ST. KITTS (JUNE 22, 2010) – At midday on the third day of the exciting Digicel Series Test Match between the West Indies & South Africa cricket teams, four randomly selected customers of the Bigger, Better Network met on the field in Warner Park to catch balls for great prizes, including a brand, new Blackberry Bold 9700 Smartphone.

The finalists were all participants in the Digicel ‘Catch to WIN’ Text Promotion, and were all very anxious to go up against one another in a friendly competition to see who could catch the most balls, according to the rules of the Catch to WIN game.

The players, Lesroy Gumbs, Lejon Warner, Casey Sargeant and Joseph ‘Uncle Millie’ Hutchinson stood on the field poised for their catches as Keith Arthurton, former player on the West Indies Cricket Team, began batting balls to them, one by one, from the western mound. Three persons caught the ball and participated in a catch-off, to add even more excitement. The competition grew more interesting when the catchers were all placed in the allotted area and the first person to catch the ball would win.

Unfortunately, no one was able to catch the balls in the right succession to win the Blackberry, but all four finalists walked away with goodie bags, filled with exclusive Digicel Series merchandise.

The Bigger, Better Network also treated their supporters at the test match by having its DigiGirls hand out special cricket items, including horns and thunder-sticks to cheer on their favourite teams.

Keith Arthurton explains the rules of Catch to WIN to the finalists

Sharez Laws, Digicel Marketing Manager presents Goodie Bag to Joseph Hutchinson

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