Digicel donates to Special Olympics Committee

(ZIZ News) — On Friday morning, telecommunications company Digicel pledged its support of the island’s special olympians when Chief Executive Officer Johnny Ingle presented a cheque to the group.

Ingle said his company is pleased to be associated with the National Special Olympics Committee.

“I’m delighted today to be able to sponsor, on behalf of Digicel, the Special Olympics Committee as they make their way towards the World Games this year. And Ivor, I’m delighted to hand over a cheque for $12,000 from Digicel to the Special Olympics Committee and to wish you every success,” Ingle said.

National Director for the Special Olympics Committee, Ivor Blake accepted the sponsorship cheque and called on other businesses to do like Digicel and sponsor the committee.

He said, “On behalf of Special Olympics St. Kitts-Nevis and the Board of Directors and all the athletes and parents, I would like to thank Digicel for their kind donation. This is just the launch really of our fund raising campaign to send our athletes to the World Games in L.A.”

The World Games will be held from July 25th to August 2nd in Los Angeles.

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