Dining with a difference

If one is looking for a unique dining experience, Copper Chimney Multi Cuisine Restaurant and Bar is the place to go.

Copper Chimney offers dining options for residents and visitors of different cultural backgrounds.

The restaurant offers some of the best in Indian, Chinese, Taiwanese and now Mexican food.

Located on the inside of the Royal St Kitts Hotel and Casino, Copper Chimney offers a unique dining experience suitable for anyone.

Supervisor of Waitresses, Lucilia Rawlins says customers are often pleased with the authenticity of the ingredients used in their meals.

“We do Indian, Chinese and Taiwan. They enjoy it because it is somewhat different from what they are used to and all our ingredients that we cook with are from India and China so everything is traditional Indian and traditional Chinese.”

She says there’s one thing they want all their customers to leave with…”We would like our customers to say WOW, we might come back here again because it is somewhat different than what we are used to.”

Another unique feature of the Copper Chimney Multi Cuisine Restaurant and Bar is Pizza Wednesdays — where a variety of twelve different types of pizzas are available.

There is also a room designated for a quiet dining experience.

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