Diplomatic Passports Not For Sale, Government Not Afraid To Revoke Passports

TimothyHarris-33(ZIZ News) – Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris, has made it clear that his government will not facilitate the sale of any diplomatic passport.

During his monthly press conference, Dr. Harris said while his administration will continue with the Citizenship by Investment [CBI] Programme, he will not allow it to be abused.

He said his administration is prepared to revoke passports from persons whose behaviour brings the country’s reputation into disrepute.

“Our reputation is not for sale for any price. We shall be revoking any passport that was used fraudulently. We will not allow our country’s good name to be sullied. We shall also make provisions to revoke the citizenship of any economic citizen who, within five years of the issuance of the Certificate of Registration, commits a serious crime like an act of terrorism or appears on an international sanctions list or on a wanted list of any country or international body or is named in any scandal that might bring our beloved country into disrepute,” the Prime Minister stated.

Dr. Harris said the revocation of passports extends to persons who acquire the document by providing false information.

He said, “We are very serious about this. This is a fresh start to a transparent programme. This is a fresh start to resetting our relationship with the USA, with Canada, the EU, who have all expressed concern about identity management practices and the participation of illicit actors in the programme. We will not just talk the talk. We will walk the walk.”

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