Dominica opposition not giving up fight for electoral reform

LennoxLintonARoseau, Dominica — The opposition United Workers Party (UWP) in Dominica continues to fight for electoral reform and is asking the people of the island to stand with it.

The UWP held a media briefing on Wednesday morning to update the press of the actions that the party will be taking in reference to the national budget.

UWP political leader Lennox Linton informed the press that the party will embark on a series of 21 meetings over the next few weeks.

He says that the meetings will set the agenda for jobs, equal rights and justice in Dominica.

Linton asserted that, with respect to jobs, the presentation of the budget by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit falls short of the economic growth for Dominica, which should deliver jobs, earn foreign exchange and get the country to a better place.

“Based on what we have heard in the budget, we know that in this upcoming year this oversized cabinet of ministers, the largest in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union, is not going to be able to deliver any more than 1% economic growth,” Linton said.

He added that 1% is below the target set at 3-5% by the Monetary Council of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank. The UWP believes that this level of growth cannot deliver jobs and employment that the economy needs.

Linton said that the UWP’s target is 5-7%, and the presentation of its own budget has made it clear as to how the target will be met.

The budget that the Dominica Labour Party has presented, ignores job creation, has no plans for improving tourism, agriculture or construction, although the prime minister highlighted that these sectors are the leading growth engines of the economy, Linton continued.

On the other hand, the UWP’s 2014/2015 alternative budget is clear on how new opportunities will be created for all Dominicans, especially the youth. A target of 2,500 jobs will be created in these three sectors in the first year.

“The country is dying; the economy is suffering, people are not working, businesses are closing down, people cannot find work to do, the people of Dominica want answers,” Linton said in closing.

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