Dr. Drew disappointed with Dr. Harris’ bashing of Cuban trained nationals and attack on Cuban leadership

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, AUGUST 20TH 2013 (CUOPM) – Political aspirant, Dr. Terrance Drew says he is disappointed with recent remarks by former foreign minister of St. Kitts and Nevis, Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris.

Dr. Drew is also denying statements by Dr. Harris that nationals and Caribbean students who study in Cuba are indoctrinated in communism and expressed his disappointment that former foreign minister (Harris) must understand that “the Cold War is over.”

What did Dr. Harris said: “Wilson is a doctor trained in Communist Cuba. Who that? Doctor who? Vienna sausage is a doctor trained in Cuba. Well me ain’t want no Drew, me easy to catch cold we no want no Drew.

How come all of these people trained in Communist Cuba? All of them…they must be Pen Pal; Are you a pen pal. So all of you went to do medicine and all of you come back and want to take over we country and it is happening at a dangerous time when democracy is under threat.

Those who are trained in Communism are coming and they are saying all of us gone get involved in politics. Something not adding up, something fishy up de camp, something fishy but think about it; think about it.

When you are in ‘Castro land’ you do what Castro says. If Castro says eat potato you better eat potato. If say Castro say eat rice, you better eat the rice and no say the grains are hard. They understand dictatorship so I wouldn’t be surprised if they want to practice it.”

“We are a Nation trying to move forward and (for Dr. Harris) to bring these old Cold War arguments in the 21st Century, it means that whoever is pushing these are really living in 20th Century and we are in the 21st Century,” said Dr. Drew as a guest on Freedom 106.5 FM’s “Issues” with host Juni Liburd.

He said young people are getting involved in politics as statements from persons like Dr. Harris “have been left in the dust bin of history.”

On the issue of indoctrination, Dr. Drew said he went to Cuba “for an educational opportunity.”

“The largest communist country on earth is China. How many people go to China as exchange students from the United States of America and Europe? How many Europeans and Americans go to China to do business and stay there for many years? Is there any threat that they will become communists? How many Americans study in Cuba? It is something that people probably do not know, but Americans go to Cuba to study medicine. Is the American government feeling threatened that these people will be indoctrinated with communism to come back and change America to a communist state and (St. Kitts and Nevis) is advancing in our thoughts and in international diplomacy and relationships with Nations,” said Dr. Drew.

Dr. Drew, selected as the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party candidate for St. Christopher 8 (St. Peter’s/Conaree/Keys/Cayon/Ottley’s) said the statement of communist indoctrination by Dr. Harris is difficult to understand in light of the fact that he recently received a scholarship from the United States Government to study internal medicine.

“When I was leaving to go to the United States of America, they knew that I studied in Cuba. The question was never asked if I was even indoctrinated in communism. I went to the United States to study and they did a full background check on me before I got there, nothing was found,” said Dr. Drew, who further deemed Dr. Harris’ statement as “deplorable.”

Scores of nationals have been trained in Cuba in several disciplines.

“Is Dr. Dwain Archibald, a communist? Is Dr. Giovanna Matthew, a communist? Is Dr. Sharon Archibald – Mr. Washington Archibald’s daughter, a communist? Is Assegais’ daughter, who studied in Cuba, a communist? Is Dr. Dale Crawford, who is from Dr. Harris’ constituency, a communist?” asked Dr. Drew.

Dr. Drew said Dr. Harris must be careful in making the type of statements about Cuba, a poor and developing country, in unsavoury terms.

“It is really disappointing to come for a person, who wants to lead a country and have good International relations. If a country is having economic difficulties, it is not for us to make a joke of it, but for us to ask how can we help that country? How can we promote that country? What can we do as a small nation to help a country that is suffering in this regard,” said Dr. Drew, who also referred to Dr. Harris’ statement about President Castro dictating the daily food intake of Cuban’s.

“But not withstanding all of that the rice might be hard as he said. Nobody knows if it is true or not. I don’t think so. I never eat hard rice in Cuba, but even if it is hard. When we didn’t have any pathologists in St. Kitts, Cuba sent pathologists. When we didn’t had gynaecologists in St. Kitts, Cuba sent gynaecologists. When we didn’t have internal medicine specialists in St. Kitts, Cuba sent specialists. When we didn’t had enough surgeons here, Cuba sent them. When we didn’t have orthopaedics, Cuba sent them. When we didn’t have specialists to take care of your eyes, Cuba sent them,” said Dr. Drew.

“How many people left this country to go to Cuba to get their eyes fixed? Did they come back as communists? So why are we making these deplorable statements about a nation in the Caribbean that is seeking to have good relations with us?” said Dr. Drew, who stated that Cuba can defend itself and stands on its record.

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