Dr. Drew praises TDC and Warren Tyson Memorial Scholarship Awardees

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, SEPTEMBER 10TH 2013 (CUOPM) – Former recipient of the Warren Tyson Memorial Scholarship, Dr. Terrance Drew, wants this year’s awardees to focus on their goals.

Dr. Drew, guest speaker during the award ceremony at TDC urged scholarship awardees to focus on their goals and make the best of the scholarship just as he did and noted that previous awardees were making a worthwhile contribution to St. Kitts and Nevis and other places where they live.

“I consider it to be a programme that is geared towards overall development and not just educational development and I say that this programme is definitely investing in their future. Well of youths and students who stepped and came forward from very rough circumstances, we see ourselves coming to TDC to be formed and fashioned, to be ready to take on new challenges,” said Dr. Drew.

He also praised TDC for not reducing the scholarship programme.

“As one look at it, the principles of this company must not only be based on profit and loss and the bottom line. But I think that at the foundation of this company; one would recognize that TDC also wants to have a great deal of social currency and when I say social currency, I mean contributing to the development the people of this country. And in these tough economic times, even though they are getting better; when companies are cutting costs, I want to thank TDC for not cutting its scholarship programme,” said Dr. Drew, a Cuban and American trained physician.

This year’s scholarship winners are Zario Chumney of Gingerland Secondary School, Nevis; Nicolette Alexander of the Charlestown Secondary School, Nevis; Andre Weekes of the Verchilds High, St. Kitts; Akeila Jules of Saddlers Secondary, St. Kitts; Vedal Lake of Basseterre High School, St. Kitts; Ziquan Dorsette of the Charles E Mills Secondary School, St. Kitts; Iona Wilson of the Cayon High School, St. Kitts and Juliska Huggins of the Washington Archibald High School, St. Kitts.

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