Driver charged for being under the influence of alcohol

ZIZ News…Feb 25 2011 – The Police are investigating a traffic accident which occurred at about 2:00 am on February 25th 2011 along the FT Williams Highway in the vicinity of the Taylor’s Round-a-bout, involving motor car PA 3277.

According to a release from the Press and Public Relations Department of the Police Force, the vehicle was driven by Kelvis Taylor of Ponds Extension.

Police investigations revealed that the car was travelling westwards along the Highway when it ran through the round- a -bout and collided to the building which houses Gillard’s Supermarket.

The fence and one of the building’s windows were damaged but no personal injuries were sustained by the driver.

However, according to the release the car was badly damaged.

Kelvis Taylor, the driver of the said vehicle was subsequently arrested and formally charged for driving under the influence of alcohol and for driving with an expired driver’s licence. He is expected to appear in court shortly.

Investigations are ongoing.

Traffic accident on FT Williams Highway

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