Dynasty Ballers takes care of St. James’ Royals

The Malcolm Guishard Basketball league continued on Sunday 2nd November at the hard court in Church Ground.

The two teams facing off were Dynasty Ballers and St.James’ Royals.

The Ballers led in every single quarter and the final result was an indication of the dominating performance.

Stats for game held Sunday November 2nd Dynasty Ballers 81 to St James Royals 49

First Quarter Ballers 18 to Royals 12
Second Quarter Ballers 19 to Royals 17
Third quarter Ballers 17 to Royals 9
Fourth quarter Ballers 27 to Royals 11

Dynasty Ballers 81
Norris Williams 28poi 9reb 2ass 6ste 3b/s 2 of 5 free throw made
Justin bell 25poi 11reb 1 assist 1of 2 free throw made
Dio Hendrickson 8 points 9reb 3ass 1 of 2 free throw made

St James Royals 49 points
Orion Jones 17 points 14 rebounds 1 steal 1 block shots 6 of 15 free throw made
Gassano Barry 8 points 17 rebounds one steal
Kadel Hodge 15 points 7 rebounds 1 assist 5ste 7 of 11 free throw made

Next game Tuesday November 4th 7 p.m. Dynasty ballers 2 vs SG ballers

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