Early Childhood training in communication

(ZIZ News) — The Early Childhood Development Unit continues its mandate to ensure that all early childhood centres provide quality service to the nation’s children.

Seventeen professionals who work with young children are now better equipped to recognize and work with students with speech delay.

According to the Acting Director, June Wallace, these sessions were presented by Charmaine Blanchette, Principal of the Cotton Thomas Comprehensive School.

Ms. Blanchette challenged caregivers to be more observant of our children’s behaviour and encouraged more adult child interaction to promote language and communication skills in young children.

The sessions also covered school safety, facilitated by Andrea Liddie resource teacher in the Early Childhood Unit .

Participants were provided with the knowledge and skills required to guide the design and development of safety plans for their schools. Discussions surrounded identifying hazards, procedures before, during and after an emergency and designing evacuation plans.

At the end of the training participants all received sample items as a starter first aid kit.

This exercise was conducted in collaboration with UNICEF and the Early Childhood Development Unit.

A similar training on school safety was planned for Nevis.

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