Early Childhood Workers Strategize to Safeguard Preschoolers

Attentive Childhood Workers

(EMU) – St. Kitts, June 22, 2012: Increased vigilance has been encouraged in the daycare service of the Nation’s youngest children during a professional development day organized by the Early Childhood Development Unit as part of Child Month 2012.

Director of the Early Childhood, Mrs. Jacqueline Morris explained that partnership between educators, and the wider community is the best way to eradicate the abuse of children.

Apart from emphasizing zero tolerance of violence against children in the day care setting, Mrs. Morris told the many attentive early childhood workers present that it was also their responsibility to observe children’s behavior and physical appearances for signs of abuse perpetrated away from school.

“Children need someone to trust,” said Mrs. Morris “someone who is looking out for them to ensure that they are not being taken advantage of. Who better than you,” she added.

She urged day care workers to give children the comfort they need in order to feel welcome to share their hurt seven at this young stage. She added that it was very important that persons explore the information given them by children in relation to their abusers. Apart from observation, reporting perceived abuses was also cited as apriority.

Child Month climaxes with a Parade on Friday June 29.

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