Early childhood workers undergo ongoing professional development in prenatal care

(ZIZ News) — A group of thirty nursery assistants from a number of selected nurseries and daycare centres within the federation gathered at the industrial day care centre at the c.a. paul southwell industrial park on august 25 to participate in a series of workshops for ongoing professional development.

Retired Early Childhood Coordinator Vanta Walters said that these formal trainings are done in an attempt to aid early childhood nursery assistants in the field.

She commended the organizers for the initiative.

“I want to commend the early childhood development unit for this initiative. The officers at the early childhood unit have always been concerned about the fact that the nursery workers didn’t have the opportunity to access any formal training in this field. This opportunity was always available to the preschool teachers and so now the unit is giving the Early Childhood workers a chance to be exposed to formal training” she said

The three month programme is done with the underlining objective of providing nursery assistants with experience, training and a wide scope of knowledge that could be applied in nurseries and daycare centres across the federation.

The workshops which are being conducted in collaboration with the Basic Trust Needs Fund (BTNF) and the TVET (Technical Vocational Education Training) Council, began on August 9th and will be completed in mid October.

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