Eating Tips for the Season

(ZIZ)The Christmas and carnival season normally involves a lot of food, both prepared at home and sold on the road…and one local doctor is urging everyone to eat responsibly in this time of celebration.

Dr Ian Jacobs told ZIZ that although this is typically the time when people over indulge on eating, you can still make an effort to eat healthily.

“While it’s hard to get people to change their habits at Christmas time and there’s nothing special you should do at Christmas that you don’t do at any other time, but just to say that i think it’s a good time to start trying to turn the leaf.  If you don’t have a good diet to try and make sure you do eat a bit healthier,” he said.

Dr Jacobs added, “Make sure you eat veggies.  When you’re out for carnival and having fun you’re going to eat mostly carbohydrates and fried meats and lots of alcohol and all of these things should be taken in severe moderation.”

The doctor also urges everyone to make sure that the foods they buy are well prepared and that the food handler observes proper hygiene standards.

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