ECCB Issues $8 Commemorative Coin

Eight-dollar commemorative coin

ZIZ News…March 2, 2012 — The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) has issued a special eight-dollar commemorative coin in recognition of the establishment of the OECS Economic Union.

The eight-dollar value of the coin represents the eight member countries of the Economic Union. The coin features the flag of each country on the reverse side and the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second on the obverse side.

Unlike the $2 circulation coin which the ECCB issued in October 2011, the eight-dollar commemorative coin cannot be used to conduct financial transactions. Rather, it is a collectors’ item which represents a milestone in the history of the OECS.

The OECS Heads of Government signed the Treaty establishing the OECS Economic Union on 18 June 2010. The Economic Union creates the platform for deepening the level of integration among the countries and provides a wider scope for the overall development of the region and its citizens.

The coin is made of sterling silver and is available for sale at EC$420. It can be ordered directly from the ECCB or from its Agency Office. The coin is not available at the commercial banks.

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