ECCU Public Debt and Market Information Web Portal

As the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank continues its efforts of transforming the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union as stipulated in its strategic plan 2017-2021, the bank launched the Eccu Public Debt and Market Information Web Portal on Tuesday.

The web portal is a medium where governments of the ECCU will provide regionally coordinated information to stakeholders.

Economic statistician Rhina Meade spoke of why it was necessary to create the portal.

Referring to the portal as a wonderful tool available to stakeholders in and outside of the region, governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank Timothy Antoine said the portal was born out of a desire to ensure that the public has the best information available to make informed decisions.

Chairman of the Regional Debt Coordinating Committee Edmond Jackson who joined the launch via video conference from St. Vincent outlined the role of the web portal and commended the ECCB in its efforts.

The debt portal www.eccb-centralbank/debt is a module of the existing ECCB website. The member governments are the main source for the data and content of the portal.

Information on the site will include securities to be issued on the Regional Government Securities Market, data on public finance operations, documents pertaining to debt legislation and fiscal debt publications such as the budget speech, prospectus and debt bulletins.

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