Edris Lewis Donates to Primary School Students

(ZIZ News) – In keeping with a 10 year tradition, designer of the National Flag, Edris Lewis held an intimate ceremony to present school supplies to primary school students.

Lewis, a University Lecturer by profession, spoke to the students of the importance of being fully prepared for school.

She said, “I give you backpacks, not because I want to put something heavy on your backs but because I want to give you something that you can use every day when you go to school. When you dress for school, you are never dressed for school unless you have your books. I’m going to ask you today to always go to school prepared and always respect and listen to your teachers. Your parents do not send you to school to disrespect your teachers, just like they do not expect you to disrespect them at home. Do not disrespect your teachers when you go to school.”

The Joseph and Francis Ferdinand Family Foundation of which Lewis is a part, also made donations to primary school students, this time, for students living in the Conaree area.

“We have a brand new presentation from a family foundation which is called the Joseph and Francis Ferdinand Family Foundation. My family originally came from Conaree and earlier in the year, we decided to get together to form a family foundation which is not set up as yet which we will set up in the future which will help people who currently live in Conaree; people who, if there is a need and we feel that we can fulfil that need, then we will step in and we will meet that need,” Lewis stated.

Each student was presented with a backpack with books and other stationery, along with school uniforms and school shoes.

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