Educating the public on disasters

(ZIZ)– Media practitioners came face to face with disaster officials on Wednesday to see how best they can improve the flow of information from the relevant authorities to the public on potential and pending disasters.

The meeting, which also saw participation from meteorological officers from both St. Kitts and Nevis, was geared at better educating the public on preparedness measures in the event of a disaster.

Speaking to ZIZ news, National Disaster Coordinator Carl Herbert dubbed the meeting a success.

“What I saw it as is a good opportunity for us to continue a dialogue with the media in order to get us to work closer together to provide information to the general public,” he said.

Herbert also outlined the next step following Wednesday’s meeting with the media.

“We are hoping for a closer working relationship with the media. Notice I said closer because there is a relationship, but we have a growing media group and so we want to embrace everyone because it’s part of what we call Comprehensive Disaster Management”.

Presentations were made by Val Henry on behalf of the local media fraternity; Elmo Burke of the St. Kitts Met Office and Audrey Mullings, USAID Consultant.

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