Education for Advancement Announces Winner of Scholarship for Single Moms

Leah Sahely, Local Representative for Education for Advancement, and Ms Shee-Ronn Audain, winner of the Ashworth College High School diploma scholarship

ZIZ News…Dec 10, 2012 — Education for Advancement (EFA), in partnership with James Madison High School, a division of Ashworth College (USA), is pleased to announce the winner of the high school diploma scholarship, valued at $1295 (US). The recipient of this award will be Ms Shee-Ronn Audain. She is a single mom of 5 children and currently works as a traffic warden.

When Ms Audain received the news she said, “Thank you. I am really feeling overjoyed”. When asked why she had applied for the scholarship award, Ms Audain said, “I have often regretted not having completed my high school education. Therefore, I would love to be given the opportunity to complete my high school education so that I can make a better life for myself and my children. But more importantly, I am anxious for this opportunity so that I can be a role model for my children and show them that even though there may be setbacks in life, you can still achieve your goals. I want them to know that you only fail when you give up and refuse to try and that their mother never stopped trying”.

Bryan Kenna, Vice President of Ashworth College commented “Our high school diploma online offers a second opportunity for persons who were unable to obtain their high school diploma first time around. We are delighted to be supporting such initiatives in the Caribbean”.

Ms Audain would like to extend special thanks to EFA and Ashworth College for offering the scholarship and for affording her the opportunity to further her education.

There were 13 applicants for the scholarship and 6 finalists were interviewed. The scholarship was designed to provide the opportunity to single moms who never got the chance to complete high school or to get at least 5 CXC/GCE subjects. This scholarship was available to women who are motivated to acquire a first degree but do not have enough CXC/GCEs, which is usually an entry requirement.

Ms Leah Sahely, Local Representative for Education for Advancement, was also pleased to announce that she was able to secure funding for three additional scholarship applicants from members of the community. These civic-minded individuals thought the initiative was a good one and wanted to also help single mom’s achieve their dreams and support their families.

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