Education Minister Delivers Back to School Address

(ZIZ News) — As the nation gets ready for the start of the new academic year on Monday, Minister of Education, Hon. Shawn Richards has delivered a national address, covering several educational issues.

Among them was the formation of a maintenance team to address various issues at the schools.

“We have put together, out of the Public Works Department, a maintenance crew dedicated to ensuring that the infrastructural needs of schools, including issues relating to plumbing, electricity, physical integrity, grounds, shrubbery, etcetera are all fully and proactively met,” he said.

He also listed specific updates for Basseterre High School students this term.

“The shift system with the Washington Archibald High School is over. School for B.H.S students begins at 8:30 am and ends at 3:30 pm like all other schools. Students are to be dressed properly and neatly in the full school uniform,” he said.

Minister Richards reminded that the first form students and staff will be accommodated at the Warner Park Cricket Stadium.

The second form students will use the Methodist School Room.

Third form students will use the AVEC building until that school reopens.

The fourth form students will be accommodated at Washington Archibald High and the fifth form students will continue to use the spaces at the Premier Dental Building.

All students will report to the Zion Moravian Church for general assembly.

The Education Minister repeated the Government’s promise to build a new Basseterre High School and asked for the public’s patience as the plans progress.

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