Elroy “Stanny” Williams Shot and Killed

Police are investigating a fatal shooting incident in Sandy Point on Saturday October 6 that left one dead and another injured.

According to reports, at about 2:15 pm, police received a report of gunshots being heard in the Crab Hill area. Several units responded. Upon arrival the motionless body of 35-year-old Elroy ‘Stanny’ Williams of Crab Hill, Sandy Point was found with what appeared to be several gunshot wounds about the body.

The Emergency Medical Service (EMS) was summoned, however Williams was unresponsive. The district medical officer pronounced Williams dead on the scene.

Officers then visited the JNF General Hospital where a man identified as Steve Woodruff of Cleverly Hill, Sandy Point was also found with a gunshot injury to his arm. He was treated and discharged. Investigations so far have revealed that he was shot and injured during the same incident at Crab Hill.

The police are making an appeal to anyone who might have any information in relation to this incident to call the Violent Crimes Unit at 467-1887, 467-1888, or 662-3468 or their nearest police station.

Investigations into the matter are ongoing.

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