European Bird Flu Outbreak being monitored

(ZIZ News) — The bird flu outbreak in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands is being monitored closely by local health and agriculture authorities.

This is the word from Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Patrick Martin, who added that there is no need for the Federation to be worried about the safety of its supply of poultry at this point.

“And so we in the Ministry and our colleagues in the Ministry of Agriculture are paying attention and will alert the public if there is any need to ban poultry from anywhere. But at this point in time, I have not heard or received any such notification from the World Health Organisation, or the Organisation of the UN, an organisation that’s responsible for animal health and poultry health,” he said.

“So, that being said, we do import most of our chicken from the United States and there are people here who grow their own chickens and use them so those persons will always be safe. So there is no need to be worried. Remain calm about the poultry situation and we’ll let you know,” Dr. Martin added.

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