Eustace Warner Donates to Her Majesty’s Prison

Basseterre, St. Kitts, October 18, 2019 (ZIZ News): On Thursday, local businessman Eustace Warner donated instruments to Her Majesty’s Prison for their rehabilitation through music and arts program in a ceremony on the prison grounds.

Among the instruments and equipment donated were amplifiers, wireless mics, a drum set and a portable audio recorder.

Commissioner of Corrections, Terrance James said that through rehabilitation the residents of Her Majesty’s prison can have a second chance at life when they are released.

We think that the public generally have to give inmates a second chance they’re human beings, they would have paid their debt to society, and I’m asking for the business community to reach out and give the inmates here a second chance when they would have been discharged from Her Majesty’s Prison and so through rehabilitation, we’re moving forward in giving the prisoners that second chance and we think we can start right here at Her Majesty’s Prison by giving them the skills and the knowledge to prepare them for when they have been discharged from Her Majesty’s Prison.”

Owner and manager of Warner’s One Stop, Mr. Eustace Warner explained why he decided to donate these instruments to the rehabilitation program.

My visit to the music hall was very impressive and stuck a note that made me realize that there was musical talent here that has potential for development, I’m a lover of music and wherever I can assist, I try to do so.”

Band leader of the R.G.I band, Lumumba Matthew, thanked Mr. Warner for his kind gesture, the band then gave several performances using the newly donated instruments and equipment.

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