Explorers Campsite building: Government has confidence in Phillips Village says contractor

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, June 25, 2019 (PLP PR Media Inc.) — A local building company has been awarded the contract to put up the $2.4 million Explorers Campsite building in Phillips Village. The contractor is thanking the government for the capital project investment that will enhance the Phillips Village community both socially and economically.

“The truth is that most times when people think of Phillips, they think of crime and I am happy for the government to invest this project in Phillips to show that they have confidence that there is hope in the village,” said Mr Myron Percival of M & D Services, the company that won the tender to put up the building.

The contractor made the remarks on Monday June 24 at a ceremony held at Mol-Phil Extension in Phillips Village to break ground for the new facility. Present included Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Dr the Hon Timothy, who delivered feature remarks before he led other dignitaries in turning the sod to signal the start of the construction.

“M & D Construction Services has been in business from since about 2003, and I am from the community of Phillips Village, a village that I love very much,” said Mr Myron Percival. “I am so happy and excited to be the successful bidder for the Explorers Campsite building, and it means a lot to the community because it is a big project that will enhance the community and to know that a local from the community is doing it, it is even making it more appreciative.”

Mr Percival who was accompanied by M & D Construction Services’ Foreman, Mr Liston Fahie, said that he has nine persons working for him and most are from Phillips Village, and others are from the neighbouring Molineux and Lodge Villages. As work on the project progresses and positions arise, he said he will be offering them to any willing persons from Phillips Village. Construction will be supervised by the Public Works Department.

Four contractors bid for the job, and his company was successful. He thanked the government for investing in the project saying it went a long way to show that government has confidence that there is hope not only in the village of Phillips, but other villages in the country. He said that the project by the Ministry of National Security will have a major impact on the youths of St. Kitts.

“The Minister of National Security, our Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris is also my representative,” noted Mr Percival. “He is doing a tremendous job for the country and I wish him all the success in his endeavours and I trust and hope that as we make progress in St. Kitts that St. Kitts will go from strength to strength. As a matter of fact let me make it even clearer, that the four bidders for this contract were from Phillips and that in itself shows that he cares and he is concerned about the village and had wanted someone from the village to do this project.”

The future of Explorers is tremendous, and according to Mr Percival the club has already changed the lifestyles of the village’s youth who previously used to be seen on the streets on Saturdays. He observed: “Nowadays you will see them hustling to come to the club meetings and that in itself is progress, and so the future is looking bright for our community with this Explorer Club.”

An elder in the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Mr Percival is a member of Philadelphia Seventh Day Adventist Church in Tabernacle. He is a seasoned domino player who turns out for the Unstoppable Domino Club which is one of the top teams in the longest running domino competition league, Constituency Number Seven Dr the Hon Timothy Harris Domino League competition that is sponsored by Prime Minister Harris.

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