Family Seeking Closure in Missing Teen Case

Family members continue their search for 17-year-old Dylon Clarke, who was last seen on Saturday April 28.

Reports state that Dylon left home that day and did not return, raising concerns by his family.

In an interview on Choice Radio in Nevis, Dylon’s sister said their mother immediately suspected something was wrong after her son did not return home.

“My brother is missing and my mother had strong feelings that something had happened to him because he had never done anything like that before and she hadn’t been in contact with him then and he hadn’t contacted her.”

Since his disappearance, a number of search parties consisting of family members, friends, the Police and Defense Force, Nevis Disaster Management Department and other volunteers combed several parts of Nevis for the missing teen.

The family member thanked everyone for their support during the ordeal, adding that they need some form of closure as to what happened to Dylon Clarke.

“We want to thank you all so much for doing that for us and we appreciate your help thus far and we are pleading that you would continue to help us to try and find Dylon. He is valuable to us, we love him, we miss him and not only us but his friends miss him. A lot of people feel very uncomfortable because of the situation. We just want to bring closure to this particular case.”

The family has since offered a $10,000 reward for any information leading to Dylon being found.

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