FAO Ready To Assist Breadfruit Production

ZIZ News September 24, 2013 — The Food and Agriculture Organization is recommitting its mandate to assist the federation in commercializing breadfruit and breadnut.

FAO consultant Jaika Barman says one of the FAO’s global objectives is to promote food security and poverty eradication and it is to this end that they will become involved with the government’s identifying breadfruit and breadnut as food that can improve the country’s food security and at the same time create employment and income.

The FAO in the past has assisted the government in developing a comprehensive strategy for the industry’s development.

In December 2011 they met to agree on a strategic plan.

Now, earlier this month, they are now assessing where they stand and how to move ahead. He says all involved need to get actions identified.

He added a coordination committee needs to be set up to support the implementation of activities.

In the meantime, the project is expected to last for the next 14 months.

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