Farmers continue quality product to meet food security and nutrition needs

ZIZ News…August 27, 2012 — Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, has said that the farmers are continuing to meet the food security and nutrition needs of the country and for this he commends them. Dr Harris was commenting on the recent status on crop production for July and August 2012.

Those statistics were prepared by the Department of Agriculture and revealed that over 20,375 pounds of tomatoes will be supplied by local farmers which is adequate to meet the national demand of 20,000 pounds per month. A bountiful harvest is being realized for sweet potatoes with 47,335 pounds produced in July, and 51,280 pounds projected for August, way in excess of the national demand. Pumpkin output has been put at 22,425 pounds in July and 49,800 pounds for August. Carrot output has been put at 34,000 pounds for July and August which translates to 6000 pounds below domestic demand. 12,000 pounds of sweet peppers are projected from local farmers against a national demand of 16,000 pounds. Limited supplies of local peanuts and cabbages are expected to be on hand.

Dr Harris has urged the hotel and restaurant subsectors to give special support to the farming community. If we are to succeed as a country the significant players must support local producers and we need to see our hotels, restaurants and households make more creative use of local products particularly when in season.

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