Farmers Receive One Thousand Gallon Water Tanks to Boost Water Security

Basseterre, St. Kitts, May 9, 2021 (MoA Media & Communication Unit) — In keeping with its pledge to address the water supply challenges facing many farmers in St.  Kitts, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Marine Resources is distributing 100 water tanks measuring over the next few days. 

While speaking on the distribution of tanks, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of  Agriculture, Fisheries and Marine Resources, Ron Dublin Collins said, “This effort forms part of the Ministry’s Agriculture Support Project which aims to resolve the water concerns expressed by farmers all across the island”. 

He added, “We held several discussions with farmers, we have heard their cries and we intend to continue delivering to our farmers in every way possible to ensure that they can increase food production while also practising sustainable methods of farming”. 

Like most Caribbean countries, St. Kitts and Nevis face the threat of severe water scarcity caused by climate change especially during drought season when there is a significant reduction in rainfall. 

PS Collins also explained that the water tanks will help farmers prepare for the extremely dry weather conditions predicted over the next few months and will also help to improve water usage on their farms, enhance productivity through efficient use of water while also securing water supplies for crop irrigation and hydration for livestock. 

The 1000-gallon water tanks are corrosion-resistant, extremely durable single units with a  strong tank wall and additional protection from leaks or weathering. 

They can store a total of 3785 litres and are ideal for rainwater harvesting and low maintenance water storage. 


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