Fast Cash Business Loans

(ZIZ)– A cash advance company is now expanding its services to help businesses.

On Tuesday afternoon, Fast Cash launched its new Business Loan Programme.

Michel Williams
Michel Williams

Fast Cash CEO, Michel Williams says this is their way of giving businesses access to cash in about three days.

“We now offer a short term business loan for thirty days, ninety days or a hundred and eighty days in amounts between ten thousand and fifty thousand, unsecured.”

Williams says this is not a start up loan for entrepreneurs.  This is a quick source of cash to help businesses that need it to overcome difficulties.

“It is for the contractors that are sitting with contracts that have to mobilize who need cash, who need it very quickly.  For businesses that are running to the end of the month that have to meet statutory and contractual expenditures,” he said.

Williams said to qualify for the loan business has to be in operation for at least two years and must have readily available financial statements.

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