Fatisha Does It Again in World Pageant

ZIZ News…Oct 21, 2010 – Kittitian beauty Fatisha Imo is making waves as she takes part in various activities in the Miss World Pageant. She is in the top 20 finals for Miss World Sports/Fitness.

On Wednesday 20th October 115 girls from all around the world competed in sport activities. The 115 girls were subdivided into four groups. In each group the 5 best competitors were chosen after the challenge.

In a press release issued to the media she said “Just standing as usual awaiting results not expecting to hear my name called, I was shocked when they said Miss St. Kitts and Nevis for finals. I just stood their in amazement. The announcer notified the audience that this is the 2nd time for St. Kitts and Nevis to ever compete in Miss World. All the girls began cheering on after they heard that and I was nervous and in a shy zone. I was so happy when he mentioned that because other than the Caribbean girls nearly 100 girls had no clue St. Kitts and Nevis existed.

Imo said she is proud to be Kittitian and proud to be granted the opportunity to big up her country. I can’t wait for the Talent Show. “I have been practicing my Mockojumbie moves over and over and over. I have been looking at video clips on youtube.com of Mockojumbies hopping on one foot, to get an idea of how to do it because I want to do really good in this segment. I tried it nearly for 1 day and after the 2nd day I got it,” Fatisha quoted.

Fatisha did not make it to the swimsuit finals but results are as follows, winner- Miss Puerto Rico, 2nd place-Miss USA, 3rd place-Miss Norway.

The disciplines for Miss World Sports and Fitness Finals include swimming, Track and Field and long jump. The first discipline will proceed on the 22nd of October where Fatisha will compete in Track and Field. “I think I will do well. I was an athlete during my years at the St.Theresa’s Convent High and have a total of at least 80 medals; most being gold. I will do my best because I promised my Federation that I will shine and I definitely will keep that promise,” said Imo.

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