Federal Youth Policy Inter-Ministerial Review

(ZIZ News) — Representatives from the Ministry of Youth Empowerment and other government officials rallied together at the Ocean Terrace Inn, on Tuesday, to host an inter-ministerial review of the St. Kitts Nevis Federal Youth Policy under the theme “Mainstreaming Youth In National Development”.

Director of Youth Empowerment, Geoffrey Hanley highlighted the procedures taken to develop the policy.

“Former Cabinet would have shared their feedback over the years and in July of 2013 a final draft was presented to Cabinet to be debated in cabinet and then tabled in Parliament. The rest in my view is history as all of us are aware of the climate at that time in Parliament and in St. Kitts,” he said.

Hanley also noted that it was important for us as a nation to embrace our youth as they are full of promise and potential.

He expressed how proud he was, knowing that the document was generated by the young people of our federation.

“This policy might be the only one that did not involve any paid consultants. What you are reading was crafted by our very own youth and our young professionals,” he said.

The Federal Youth Policy has been described as an essential planning tool to guide the country’s approach to youth development.

It contains commitments by government, youth and society on interventions designed to ensure effective and efficient mainstreaming of youth development in the socio economic environment.

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