Federation observes Pesticide Awareness Week

(ZIZ News) — The Federation has joined other Caribbean territories in observing Pesticide Awareness Week from September 25th to 30th.

Minister of Agriculture and Environment Hon. Eugene Hamilton in addressing the nation at the start of the week, urged persons to be cautious in how they store pesticides.

He said, “The need of proper storage on farms and homes is very critical. This involve of course, storing pesticides away from food and water from both humans and animals. It involves keeping rooms and stores well ventilated from noxious fumes. It involves keeping pesticides in their original containers with proper labels visible. It involves making sure all pesticides are locked away from children. It involves posting clear indicators on cupboards and containers.”

According to Minister Hamilton a Pesticide Board has been established under the Pesticides Act.

He spoke of the responsibilities of the board, stating, “Government manages importation, proper use and storage of chemicals govern by the provisions for pesticides and toxic chemical control act .the absence of a toxic and pesticide board. At present the main responsibility of the board is the registration and licensing of pesticides as mandated by pesticide regulations however a major activity under the control act is to monitor the storage, distribution, labelling and the rational use in St. Kitts and Nevis.

In observance of the week the Pesticide Board will host activities including a panel discussion, an exhibition, workshops, and visits to schools.

Pesticide Awareness Week is being held under the theme “Manage Pesticides Responsibly—Adapt To Climate Change.”

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