Federation records increases in food production

ZIZ News…Jan 18 2012 – Senior Minister of Agriculture has congratulated farmers on their improved performance in 2011 compared to 2010. “Despite several constraints our farmers continue to consistently produce more food, thereby helping us to advance on our journey for food security and nutrition” Dr Harris said on Freedom FM Radio.

Dr Harris revealed that Food Crop production increased by 4% from 1,100 metric tonnes to 1,200 metric tonnes during 2011 when compared with 2010 (Table 1). This resulted from increases in acreage planted as well as improved agronomic practices, increased productivity and increased number of persons involved with crop production. Cabbage production increased by 60 % from 36,500 kg to 58,300 kg. Onion production was increased by 105 % from 32,600 kg to 66,900 kg. Marked increase were also recorded for pineapple from 136,000 kg to 160,700 kg or an increase of 18 %. Sweet pepper from 22,600 kg to 29,600 kg or an increase of 30 %, white potato from 73,400 kg to 162,200 kg or an increase of 120 % and yam from 26,600 kg to 37,000 kg an increase of 39 %. Marginal increased was recorded for sweet potato, production increased from 198,400 kg to 207, 000 kg an increase of 4 %. However, there was a decrease in production in carrot from 139,600 kg to 132,500 kg or a decrease by 5 %, peanut a decrease in production from 56,500 kg to 53,200 kg or a decrease by 6 %, pumpkin a decrease in production from 200,900 kg to 137,100 kg or a decrease by 32 %, watermelon a decrease in production from 125,000 kg to 58,100 kg a decrease in production by 54%. Marginal decreased was recorded for tomato, production decreased from 118,900 kg to 115,400 kg a decrease of 3 %. A decreased in the acreage planted in these crops could have contributed to the decreased production.

Table 1. Estimated annual production of major food crops for St. Kitts (‘000kg)

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