Federation Records Overall Improvement in CXC 2023 Exams

The federation has recorded an improvement in the overall performance of candidates in the May/June CXC Examinations for CAPE and CSEC.


The results were revealed in the Official Release of Results Ceremony on Thursday at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort.


CXC’s Director of Operations Examination Services Dr. Nicole Manning shared the results, beginning with CAPE exams.


“We saw an increase in Caribbean studies for the St. Kitts and Nevis candidates, and we saw a whopping increase to 15%, and that’s very good. 15% because you are coming from a 7% in the previous year. For Communication Studies, we saw an increase to 89% coming from 87% from the previous year. For  CAPE Entrepreneurship Unit 1, we saw an increase to 96% and we had 2% of the candidates who would’ve sat the exam getting 1s this year. We had none last year, so that is also an improvement. The Management of Business Units 1 and 2, we saw an increase, but this is a very big increase for you; 20% you’re seeing over last year. So, you had 69% last year and 89% this year.”


Similar to CAPE, CSEC results also improved, with some results even tripling.


“I look first and foremost at Economics, you had a 84% increase from 78%.  English A, this is of course in keeping with the rest of the region, 87%. This is much better than you’d have seen for the previous two years, and even the 1s are up also by 1%, so that’s very good. [In] English B 88%, 3% over the previous year. [In] Mathematics you have increased by a bit more, a bit less than the region, but still 4% more than the previous year. Similar to the rest of the region, we saw an increase for at 95% best of three again, of the previous year. But look at those 1s – 13% higher than last year! In fact, triple that 2021 number. So, whatever you’re doing there, let’s see if we can repeat some of those strategies in other areas.”


Dr. Manning said there will be new subject areas to be assessed in 2024 and 2025 since the syllabi have been revised.


“For Cape, we have Accounting, Animation and Game Design, Financial Services, Integrated Math, Literature in English, and Management of Business. All the syllabi would have been revised and will be assessed in May, June, 2024. For Integrated Science and Social Studies, this has been revised, but it’s for assessment in 2025. So, the candidates who are in Grade 10 are the candidates will be utilizing those syllabi.”


According to Dr. Manning, there was also an increase in students’ skill levels of Mastery and Developing Competence in English, Mathematics, Integrated Mathematics, French, and generally for all subjects.


Students can view their results at cxc.org/student-results/.


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