Fifty fourth meeting of the OECS Authority discuss various issues

OECS Chairman SLU PM Dr. Kenny Anthony

ZIZ News…Jan 26 2012 – The Fifty-fourth Meeting of the OECS Authority was convened in Rodney Bay, St Lucia over the period January 23-24, 2012 under the Chairmanship of Dr. the Honourable Kenny D. Anthony, Prime Minister of Saint Lucia.

All Member States were represented with the exception of Montserrat. The Member States present were represented at the level of Head of Government, with the exception of Anguilla which was represented at the Ministerial level.

The Meeting focused in the main on matters relating to the operationalisation of the OECS Economic Union, including:

a) Legislative and other arrangements relating to implementation of the Revised Treaty of Basseterre;

b) Operationalisation of the Organs of the Union including the Councils, the Commission, and the Regional Parliamentary Assembly; and

c) Financing of the Secretariat/Commission and the Economic Union.

The Meeting also addressed matters relating to the economic and social development of the OECS region, as well as relations between the OECS and third parties.

OECS Heads at 54th Meeting of OECS Authority in St. Lucia

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