Finalists decided for LICA Tournament

LeewardIslandCricketAssociationLogoFilePhotoSports Page — The finalists for this year’s LICA tournament in both the three day and one day formats have been decided.

In the three day finals, it will be Antigua and Barbuda versus Anguilla as both teams won their respective zones.

In the one day format, it will be Antigua and Barbuda versus St.Kitts as both teams topped their respective zones.

Originally the two matches were scheduled for Montserrat but unconfirmed reports late Sunday, indicate that there may well be a change in venue as the Anguilla team has indicated some difficulty in travelling to Montserrat.

It is understood that Warner Park in St.Kitts is being looked at as the possible venue for both games.

The three day final is scheduled for the 15th to 17th October and the one day final is scheduled for October 19th.

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