First Ever Nevis Blues festival… A Hit

(Nevis Blues Festival)Like all good ideas, the festival was conceived over a glass of wine. That was when two old friends met up in 2013 for the first time in forty years, only to discover that one – living in the UK – was in the music business and the other – a hotel owner in Nevis – had a passion for music. Cue bright idea!

The Nevis Blues festival will never be big, it’s a physical impossibility on an island where there are only 12,000 inhabitants and 400 hotel rooms. And that will be it’s enduring attraction – a small, intimate festival.

When you come to the Nevis Blues festival you will enjoy artists of international reputation performing on a stage set within sight of the Caribbean sea. In fact, the beach is so close you’ll have sand between your toes as you dance the night out.

Day-time you can cycle, hike or horse ride around the island, go scuba diving, fishing or sailing, play golf, or simply laze on the beach. What you will soon realize is that the pace of life on Nevis is wonderfully relaxed.

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