First step to police-community partnership in Green Valley

May 20, 2010 (Green Valley Secretariat) Scores of residents from the Canada/Key’s to Ottley’s/Lodge area met at the Cayon Community Centre on Monday evening (May 17) to discuss ways of curbing crime and boosting the community spirit. The meeting was jointly held by the command of the Cayon Police Station and the executive of the Green Valley Festival Committee.

Police Sergeant Carl Caines said that the aim of the meeting was “to get the communities of Canada, Key’s, Cayon, Ottley’s and Lodge that we serve as a district, back together.” Sergeant Caines outlined that as a result of the recent upsurge in crime in the area that the police needed play a more vital role by winning the trust of the people they serve and protect. Caines further pledged the constabulary’s commitment to a six month target of winning the peace in the district and consistency in maintaining that peace. The senior officer also promised to be confidential in the collection of information from the public and to act promptly and responsibly.

Under the chairmanship of retired educator and life-long Cayon resident, Ms. Vaple Burt, the Green Valley Festival Committee received itemized suggestions from those present on ways to further unite the community around sport, education and social bonding.

Green Valley Publicity, Promotions and Sponsorship Officer, Mr. Clifford Griffin said that Monday’s activity was a success. “The records must reflect that this initiative of the officers was good. The officers have helped to support our confidence for security in our communities and for all patrons during our upcoming annual festival. We have truly made inroads as we heard from the general public as well”

Griffin also suggested that “meetings of this kind need to be replicated in other communities throughout the Federation.”

The organizers have pledged to have similar meetings in Key’s, Ottley’s and Lodge villages within one month. At the end of the series, a communiqué will be released outlining the path to a police-community partnership for the security and overall wellbeing of the people.

Expected in this document are suggestions of and commitments for increased foot and mobile patrol by the officers, the introduction of a neighbourhood watch project, youth mentorship programmes and inter-community competitions.

Among those present were St. Christopher 8 MP, Hon. Eugene Hamilton and former Minister of Works and Public Utilities, Mr. Halva Hendrickson. Prominent business owners, retired educators and teachers of the Cayon High School along with the school’s deputy principal, Mr. Windsor Morris were also in attendance.

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