Flemming blasts Powell on comments

(ZIZ)– A senior official in the National Integrity Party has blasted the People’s Action Movement deputy leader for comments made at a recent public meeting.

NIP deputy leader, Roy Flemming told ZIZ that Jonell Powell told supporters that he endorsed a reporter being allegedly roughed up by the police.

“When he heard of the alleged plight of Ken Richards his response was ‘Ah good!’ and ‘I hope they push you down and you will go and report on what is happening in the country at this time’,” he said.

Flemming said he is disappointed that a public figure would make such comments.

“Someone like Mr Jonell Powell who is asking the people of Central Basseterre to send him to parliament and by extension make him a government minister can seemingly here, by his words, seems to be advocating violence against members of the press,” Flemming said.

Flemming said Powell’s comments were reprehensible and called for him to apologize to the media and the people.

ZIZ reached out to Mr Powell but he was unavailable for comment.

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