Former BHS Student Endorses A Ganar As Program for All

Chakquinn Thomas

ZIZ News…Jan 24, 2013 — “A Ganar has helped me a lot and I just want to say thanks to the people of A Ganar.”

Sixteen year old Chakquinn Thomas is now a student at the Advanced Vocational Education Center (AVEC). As a former student at the Basseterre High School, Chakquinn recalls that his participation in the A Ganar program was a very positive one.

He noted that prior to his participation in the A Ganar program he was not a team player but this program, through its Phase 1 Employability Skills training, has helped him to develop his teamwork skills and has taught him to be more patient about life. Accordingly, his favourite core skill developed as part of the A Ganar program was teamwork.

The program has also taught him to be more disciplined and respectful to himself in order to get respect. The program has also taught him manners.

During Phase 2 of the program, Chakquinn was exposed to technical training in the area of Air Condition Repair. This was his favourite part of the program.

“This A Ganar program should be for everyone because everyone should know how to do a trade. It gives young people experience and teaches us to be more disciplined.”

Chakquinn’s long term goal is to advance his education and technical training so that he can become an Entrepreneur.

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