Former BOE director called for questioning

(Antigua Observer) St. John’s Antigua – The former Board of Education (BOE) Director Beverly Charles is expected to report to police today, as a probe into undisclosed fraud allegations continue.

Attorney Leon Chaku Symister, who represents Charles, said she agreed to show up at the Longfords Police Station at 8:30 am as part of the conditions under which Charles was released from police custody on Saturday.

But Symister argues his client’s initial arrest, which led to her being held for several hours on Saturday, was “unlawful”.

The lawyer said police executed a search warrant at Charles’ home at about 6 am on the day of the arrest, “purporting to be searching for cellular phones, computer software and documents in connection to a fraud investigation”.

He said after “a cursory” search of the premises and failing to find the targeted items, Charles was held.

“The warrant does not give them a basis, especially where they found nothing, to take the person into custody,” he said.

Symister said while the Constitution makes provisions for people to be held by officers of the law, they must have “reasonable grounds” to do so.

He contends, however, it was Charles’ “refusal” to accompany police to the Longfords Police Station on Friday, upon their request for her to make another statement, which “prompted” the arrest the following day.

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