Former Calypso King donates to Sandy Point Primary

(ZIZ News) — Former Calypso Monarch, Richie Buntin has given back to his community in a big way.

On Tuesday, Buntin presented several pieces of musical instruments to the Sandy Point Primary School to help with the promotion of the school’s music programme.

The donation included a number of trumpets and 12 pairs of drum sticks.

During his presentation, Buntin said, “I solicited some help from other folks as well and we have three more trumpets and I think we have eight mouth pieces which means that together, we have 12 students who can learn immediately. We want to get the programme growing. Even before the year finishes, we would like to get more than 12 students involved.”

The calypsonian called on other members of the public to help further develop the school’s music programme.

“Whether you are from the Sandy Point area or not, businesses or whatever, we would like to get contributions to help to build this programme and make it a much bigger and better programme than we could even imagine. So anyone that’s out there who would like to make contributions, please do,” he said.

A music teacher at the Charles E. Mills Secondary School has volunteered her time and expertise to teach the primary school students as part of an after school music programme.

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