Former Energy Minister weighs in on waste to energy plant

(ZIZ)– Nevisian Senator, The Honourable Carlisle Powell, who once served as minister responsible for energy in the Nevis Island Administration, has weighed in on the current NIA’s decision to construct a waste to energy plant.

Powell recently responded to Deputy Premier the Honourable Mark Brantley’s Earth Day Address in which he revealed that his government was seeking ways of turning waste into energy.

According to Powell, Brantley’s idea was not original as the Nevis Reformation Party had already negotiated with a U.K. based company to do a similar project.

“When this administration got into office, they completely ignored the fact that we had negotiated and were poised to deliver, aren’t these the same words that he used?” Powell said.

“To the extent that we had already agreed to the concept of the plant, we had signed a letter of intent with the company, we had several visits from the people from Europe who came to visit and we knew exactly what we were getting to the extent that we were even going to mind the solid waste plant over at Long Point so that we would be able to retrieve materials from that to feed the plant,” he added.

Earlier this week, Former Deputy Premier, Hensley Daniel criticised Minister Brantley’s leadership by stating “he has no new ideas.”

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