Former Head Coach Phil Simmons accepts apology from President Skerritt

ST JOHN’s, Antigua – Cricket West Indies (CWI) and Mr. Phil Simmons are pleased to announce that both parties have come to an amicable resolution in the claim from Simmons’ dismissal as head coach in 2016.

Phill Simmonds

This is the first action by President Ricky Skerritt and Vice President Dr. Kishore Shallow to fulfil their campaign promise from the 10 point “Cricket First” plan, to repair stakeholder relationships, particularly with former players.

At a meeting today between the two parties at Sandals Grande, Antigua, the new President Ricky Skerritt on behalf of CWI told Phil Simmons, “We would like to apologise to you for referring to your appointment as a “mistake”.  Cricket West Indies did not make a mistake when we selected you as our Head Coach.”

President Skerritt added, “In my previous role as CWI Independent Director, I was involved in the interview panel that recruited Phil Simmons from a long list of competitors and he was the best candidate. Subsequently based on the results he produced on the field, he proved himself to be a very competent coach in his time with West Indies, winning the World T20 in 2016, and now currently with Afghanistan.”

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