Former Nevis Premier describes Amory as incompetent

ZIZ News — Nevis’ former Premier and Finance Minister the Honourable Joseph Parry has joined a long list of Nevis Reformation Party [NRP] supporters in criticising the leadership of Nevis’ governing Concerned Citizens Movement [CCM] for being unable to make salary payments to its civil servants yesterday, April 23rd.

Parry, who was featured as a guest on a radio programme earlier today, said Premier Amory has failed the Ministry of Finance, the civil service and the people of Nevis by extension.

“The matter of mismanagement first of all, there is no doubt in my mind that there’s an element of mismanagement here on the part of Mr. Amory and his Administration,” he said adding, “we can’t hide the fact that while he spoke of trimming fat, he was employing people and paying them more money. Their people are there in place. We can’t hide the fact that Mr. Amory has been travelling all over the world and leaving his government unattended by people who have never been in government before. They don’t really understand how to run government. We can’t overlook the fact that senior civil servants have been moved around or have been forced into retirement and so he’s left with a bunch of green people who need guidance and nobody is there to give them guidance,” Parry explained.

Despite his criticisms of the current Nevisian leader, Parry admitted that when his party ran the affairs of the Nevis Island Administration, it too faced financial difficulties but was always able to pay its civil servants.

“I want to say this that what happened yesterday did not have to happen. If Mr. Amory was a serious person and a serious Minister of Finance, it would not have happened because he would have been on the ball two weeks before, talking to his Permanent Secretary, talking to his treasurer and working out how they would set about getting funds for salaries,” Parry said.

Meantime, monthly workers and pensioners are scheduled to receive their salaries [Friday 25th April 2014].

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