Former Teammates And Others Salute Raffie

CHARLESTOWN, Nevis; November 16, 2021 – Tributes continue to pour in on behalf of Hugh Raphael Oswald ‘RAFFIE’ Wallace, who passed away on Monday 15th November at age 64.

The former ace fast bowler showcased his talents for the Nevis team and later the Leewards team, at the regional level.

Among those singing his praises were: Carlisle Powell-President of the Nevis Cricket Association; Elquemedo Willet-brother in law and close friend; Luther SHOTGUN Kelly, who had many exciting running battles with Wallace, in the fiercely competitive St. Kitts versus Nevis encounters; Augustine Merchant, former teammate; Frankie Claxton, Sports Analyst and Hon. Vance Amory, one of his former captains and teammate.

One central theme speaks to the fiercely competitive nature of the late speedster and his never-say-die attitude.

He was also filled with a keen sense of humour and raw sarcasm when he felt like it.

As a testimony to his impish nature, reference was made to an incident that occurred in the Nevis dressing room, one year.

Halstead Tyson, another seamer, had just made it into the Nevis squad.

Raffie casually asked him what his boots’ size was and he told him the size of his boots. I guess he was thinking that maybe the more seasoned fast bowler was going to offer him a pair of boots.

The witty Wallace continued: “Okay you can let me use them because you not going get any game today!’

Those epic battles between himself and Luther Kelly also brought back pleasant memories.

Kelly cutting or pulling him for boundaries and then ultimately being caught superbly in the gully, by Raffie’s dynamic brother-in-law, Elquemedo Willet.

Wallace was ailing for some time but seemed to be recuperating nicely and in recent times, was seen at Cricket matches at the ET Willet Park and the VOJN grounds.

It is reported that he traveled on a boat from St. Kitts, up to Sunday evening.

His positive and humourous spirit will be lovingly remembered by all who knew him.

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